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November 08, 2005

I am cursed...

You won't believe this...my coffee maker blew up this morning. I am being a little dramatic, but not by much because I have one of those ones that is pressurized for making cappucino etc. And something must have broken or come unstuck.

As I am puttering around the apartment, looking for things I need to take to work, I hear this weird wet whooshing sound. Not being fully awake, I am completely at a loss at what it could be. I poke my head into the kitchen and see a fountain of brown sludge erupting out of my machine onto the counter and floor. It took 20 minutes just to clean it up.

So, my computer on Saturday and my coffee maker today. In both cases, I can see how older things run out and you have to get new ones (I have had the coffeemaker for six-seven years, so it has done its duty!). But why did both have to break in the same week!? I am afraid to turn anything else on now.

Posted by Kirk on November 8, 2005 08:39 AM


You know these things come in three's - what's next...

Posted by: Glenn at November 9, 2005 05:05 AM

Wow!!!! I'm so sorry to hear that:( It's terrible :O!! I am having part-time job at coffee shop, so I really know how coffee's blewing is terrible:(!!!! I think that you should save money for a new coffee maker and computer:P

Take care!!!! Cheers!


Posted by: haruna at November 10, 2005 07:16 PM

I have been cursed too.. The fan on my heater didn't work yesterday, then my computer died (it is one month old). The cord on my Laptop wont work unless I do wierd bendy things with it (it is less than a year old and hardly used since I have 2); the battery doesn't work either. My 2nd laptop cord also not working, I had to buy a base for it that it slips into (also about 1 1/2 old only). Then my bird ate the keys off of it and I now use a cordless keyboard. My coffee maker blew up too. I am now on like, my 8th coffee maker in 3 years. I spend a lot too, the last one worked for a day and it cost $60.00.

My friend and her mother do curses on ppl and she was mad at me last year. She said, stop being friends with someone and I said no. She then said, "OK you've been warned"... I am concerned now.

Posted by: Kena at November 30, 2005 08:59 AM