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November 03, 2005

Happy Culture Day

Today is Culture Day in Japan, which I celebrated by going to the grocery store and spending the rest of the time sleeping and reading. All day I had this nagging feeling I should go out and do something, but I could not really decide what so I didn't.

The sad thing is that I had an early night last night (asleep by 1130pm) and woke up early today. Maybe I just needed to recharge my batteries. I figure another early night and I will be ready for the weekend. Only one day to go...I wish they had Culture Day every week.

Posted by Kirk on November 3, 2005 04:47 PM


sleeping, shopping, golfing, working are all hallmarks of modern day japanese culture. i think you spent the day like many a japanese, kirk-san!

Posted by: tokyorosa at November 5, 2005 02:04 AM