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November 06, 2005

Almost back on track

Whew! I have learned a few things this weekend, the most important being that all those nagging messages to back-up your files should not be ignored. In hindsight, there is probably not much I could have done about the previous computer...it took a lot of abuse and has been all over the world multiple times...I should have replaced it sooner.

Anyway, absent all the pictures (I am SO GLAD I uploaded the ones I liked from Hokkaido and France onto this site), there was not too much that I will miss. Let's see what I will say about that in a few weeks. And I can use this as an opportunity to better organise myself. How is that for optimistic?

I also spent most of the weekend getting myself sorted out again. Between a visit to the IT guys, computer shopping and setting the new laptop up, I used up two days (and I am still not done). I feel like I need a day off now!

Posted by Kirk on November 6, 2005 10:53 PM