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October 16, 2005

Some old friends stop by

I managed to get out of the apartment today. I met Satomi for lunch in Omotesando...that was the good part. It was the far right black vans, earthquakes and mad Japanese men I could do without.

15oct 002.jpg After a good lunch at Cafe Madu, we walked through Omotesando a little bit...usually this is very nice, but as you can see on the left, the "far right" black vans were driving around blaring their slogans for the benefit of the Sunday shoppers. It is not a very good picture - it seems I could still improve on my photography.

As a result, we decided to get off the street and have have a coffee at the small cafe near the Burberry store. While we were there, Satomi started looking around...obviously something was bothering her. Actually, it was the earthquake! After a month in Europe I had forgotten all about that particular Tokyo amusement. I didn't notice until there was a fairly big shock, which also got everyone else's attention. Satomi must have a built-in earthquake sensor - which would be handy if it kicked in earlier than two seconds before. I am also wondering if there is a connection between the black vans and the earthquakes as I saw/felt both within fifteen minutes. In any case, the building did not collapse and we could finish our coffee and make a respectable exit.

But that is not all! On my way home, there was an absolute nutter on the train. He was a fairly big guy and he walked through our carriage yelling "WAAAH WAAAH" over and over. Fortunately, he kept going. But, he was so loud it really caught your attention, especially because you never expect that kind of behavior in Japan. I was already thinking I would get off one stop early and leisurely walk home, and that clinched it.

And, of course, so did this guy. I step off the train and it is normally quiet like you would expect and all of the sudden "WAAAH WAAAH", but this time he was running down the platform. On the train it startled me. On the platform, I wondered if he was going to doing something stupid and hurt himself. Strange. I headed home before anything else could happen.

Posted by Kirk on October 16, 2005 05:41 PM