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October 12, 2005

Mexican food, pool and MORE leaving drinks

It was my first night out since getting back (OK, it was my first night back). After work, I went with Yoko and Michika for dinner - we had Mexican food. I am not sure why I had that after being away from Japan for a month - you would think that something Japanese would be more appropriate. Not thinking straight, I guess.

After dinner we met Jan and Delon from the office and went to play pool. Again, this is probably not what I was missing in my time away. First of all, I am absolute crap and I overwhelmingly proved it. And, there seems to be better ways to spend my time than making a fool of myself (not that you would guess).

I am not posting any pictures - none of them came out very well. You are off the hook, Michika.

Anyway, tonight is Emma and Jeremy's leaving drinks. They have been in Japan for three and a half months because Emma was transfered over here from London to help out. I imagine her boss finally found this blog and saw how much fun she was having and decided to call an end to it. It is too bad, because they are good fun and they seem to belong here. If you know them and want to say goodbye, drop me an e-mail and I will tell you where we are meeting up. If you do not know them, you can catch the post-party review here tomorrow.

Posted by Kirk on October 12, 2005 10:29 AM