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October 15, 2005

Hokkaido - some of the pictures posted

link5.JPG I have posted some of the Hokkaido pictures...click this button here on the one on the sidebar to the right. It was really nice to take a look at these pictures again...made me remember what a good time it was.

Maybe you will also notice that I have made the page more exciting to look at by replacing the text links with actual pictures! I wish I could take credit for the monkey picture, but actually Aiko sent that to me. She took it in Nikko. Thanks Aiko.

I will add some more links to other galleries as I start to fill the albums up with pictures. You should go have a look!

UPDATE: I think I have all of them loaded now. There are 49 of them in the album...and I tried to leave some comments for each. Considering how long it has been and how bad my memory is, I did not do too bad. Good thing it is raining or I never would have got this finished.

Posted by Kirk on October 15, 2005 11:37 PM