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October 29, 2005


Yikes! What a long week. After work last night, I barely had the energy to make it home, let alone go out and be sociable (or what I consider sociable, which is sometimes different).

I woke up this morning to a real dilemma. No coffee or milk in the apartment. Vaguely, I remember making a note to myself that I would need to take care of this, but like many of these notes it had disappeared under the flurry of other things that grab my attention.

The problem is that I usually need a coffee to be functional in the morning. And on some mornings, like Saturdays, i really do not want to talk to anyone until I have had my dose of caffeine that makes conversations possible. And that is the catch-22. Because I needed a coffee before I could talk to anyone, but I had to talk to someone before I could have that coffee. Having to speak Japanese just makes this worse.

This all rambled through my head as I walked over to Cafe de Crie, the closest coffee shop to my apartment. The initial order went fine...I have memorised these important rituals in my mind, so that I do not have to think. But there seemed to be a problem. The man behind the counter came back with a non-standard reply! I had a feeling that whatever he had said was something I had heard before, but I could not quite grasp the meaning. There were words I knew when considered in isolation, but the coherent whole was elusive. Finally, he pointed at his watch and at the coffee machine.

"...wait a minute..." whew! I can do that. The panic subsided.

I better get coffee/milk for the apartment so this doesn't happen again tomorrow.

Posted by Kirk on October 29, 2005 09:32 AM