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October 22, 2005

A frustrating morning

Tickets to the next Japan football match went on sale today. Japan will host Angola on 16 November at National Stadium. On the surface, it does not seem to be the most exciting match, but Angola has just qualified for their first world cup (!) and it is very close to home and office, so it should be good.

Unfortunately, getting tickets is not so easy, no matter who Japan is playing.

Japan games are always sold out, so it is a case of being the early bird to give yourself a chance. The tickets were on sale from 10am, so I was at my computer at 9:59am ready to give them my cash. I used the Rakuten JFA site, and it was obviously very busy (slow downloading, lots of error messages when you click through to the next step etc). I was at a disadvantage to the other on-line buyers I am sure, having to work in a second, not-very-well-known language to get through the system. And, of course, when I finally finished I was told there are no tickets available, but that I was on the waiting list.

I tried again with category four tickets that were still available, but it would not let me buy them because I already had a reservation for category one. I can understand that as they would not want one person to place multiple orders while others go without..

I might not have been successful with the tickets, but I am very pleased that I could use a Japanese language site, understand what I needed to do and actually do it. I hope that makes me feel better when I am watching the match on television.

Posted by Kirk on October 22, 2005 10:36 AM