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September 20, 2005

Wine tasting and a spectacular lunch

We spent one of our days driving around to the wineries. It helped that the weather was splendid (I promise I will not mention it again). The wine was also good. As I mentioned yesterday, we went to Montbazillac, which is just up the hill from Bergerac.

Our first stop was Chateau de la Jaubertie, which is not only a beautiful place but full of fabulous wine. I liked the white and rose (and the dessert wine - I always like that!), but apparently it is the reds that they are known for. Don't ask me what exactly I had - I drink whatever they put in front of me. Anyway, this is the entrance to the shop>>>
a 030.jpg
The frustrating part of the day was that I knew I was not taking any wine home - not the same for Leigh, who bought more than a few bottles. More on that later.

After we had worked up a steady buzz, I mean seriously sampled the local vintages, we headed off to lunch. I cannot remember the name of the restaurant (imagine that!), but I can tell you that the food was good and the view was great (actually I took the picture below from our table). The staff were a bit creepy, however, as they insisted on explaining to you what was on your plate when they put it down. It could have been worse as the owner was chatting to some people at another table and did not leave, even when their courses arrived and they started eating. Mostly he just stared at them, but sometimes he would interject himself into their conversation.
a 036.jpg

Afterwards, we went back home. Leigh and I spent the afternoon organising his wine (see the wine cellar below) and then we lit a bonfire to get rid of the boxes, some old tree stumps and other miscellaneous garbage. The fire smoldered for two days and we would go throw more wood on it when we were bored. That was surprisingly fun.
a 040.jpg a 044.jpg

Next time, I will put up some pictures from our early morning market visits. Can't be bothered now, Arsenal v Everton is starting soon and I want to watch a little of the match.

Posted by Kirk on September 20, 2005 03:23 AM