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September 22, 2005

Market day(s) in France

We actually had two market days on this trip. On Friday, we went to the super local market in St. Livrade. In Saturday, we went to Villeneuve-sur-Lot, which is a larger town about 15 minutes away.

If you like vegetables, you should love this picture. It makes me want to cook something. I wish I had a kitchen right now. Of course, that also has a lot to do with being in a hotel in London.

a 067.jpg

Here are a few more photos from that morning...chicken on the left, spices on the left. I wish I had taken better pictures when I was there. They had a man selling very fresh chicken. VERY fresh...every so often he would grab one of the birds out of its cage and take it around the corner, presumably to cut its head off. I wonder what the remaining chickens were thinking as their mates were taken away?

a 059.jpg a 060.jpg

I like this picture - it is just off the main square in Villeneuve. Looks nice, right?
a 083.jpg

The weather was much nicer that day...it is hard to take a bad picture in France when the sky is this blue. Here are some other shots. The only thing I bought at the markets was a newspaper. Sad, isn't it?
a 088.jpg a 100.jpg

That is all I will post on France, I think. Eventually, I hope to put more pictures in the photo album...of course I have to upload the Hokkaido ones first. I need more free time. Maybe I should stop going to work...it takes up too much of my day.

Posted by Kirk on September 22, 2005 04:34 AM