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September 04, 2005

Last barbecue of the summer

We had a barbecue last night. Unfortunately, it looks like the last summer fun before I leave Japan on my next business trip. But there was a good turnout (thanks for coming!), tons of food and drink (too much, my refrigerator is full!), and good fun.

On the left is Glenn's daughter Alex and Jeremy and Mina's daughter Calyn. I love that picture. On the right, you can see Ryo, Yoko, Alex and Reiko.
bbq 005.jpg bbq 006.jpg

Here is Glenn, Mario and myself. Leigh had better things to do than turn for the photo (well, maybe we did not tell him) and Alex is off to the right looking happy. That is Yoko and Chiaki on the right...if you read this blog regularly, maybe you are getting to know them.
bbq 009.jpg bbq 012.jpg

This is Kaz with Chihiro and Reiko in front ofthe barbecue. I hope that they were having fun...Kaz looks a bit surprised here. And on the right, Kaz with Chiaki and Kuniko. I should tell you that Kaz did all the barbecuing. I had told myself I should do this, but I kept running around. He did a good job - everyone was happy with the food. Maybe I should let him do that all the time! Let me know if you quit your day job, Kaz.

bbq 016.jpg bbq 018.jpg
I kicked everyone out at 10pm so I could go watch the football, which was rude of me (I apologise), but better on my head this morning. I went with Tom and Tim over to Legends, where we met up with Peter and his parents. Tim kept calling over the Japanese guys to meet Peter's mom. That was pretty funny, although maybe she (and Peter's dad!) did not think so. I (sensibly) left my camera at home, so you will have to trust me on this.

at home, so you will have to trust me on this.

Posted by Kirk on September 4, 2005 12:02 PM


Thanks for a nice evening, Alex enjoyed herself very much, have a safe trip!

Posted by: Glenn at September 5, 2005 11:02 AM