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September 25, 2005

Chelsea 2 Aston Villa 1

I am now part of the high-flying London sport scene. Leigh arranged for tickets at Stamford Bridge for this weekend's fixture - Chelsea were hoping to win their seventh straight match to open the year and they did that quite easily with a 2-1 result.

It was very crowded with 42,000 people there, and they announced before hand that it was the largest attendance of LOCAL fans since 1982 or something. That was no surprise as there weren't many Aston Villa fans (they were tucked away in a small corner). I imagine the ticket prices put them off...we paid 60 pounds each to get in! I felt like I was in Japan for the World Cup!

This is the entrance to Stamford Bridge - you can see the crowds (!) and you may also notice that they have put some money into renovations as it is mostly clean. On the right, is a picture I took from our seats, but it does not do the view justice. We could see everything and it was a much better perspective than watching on TV.

c 001.jpg c 004.jpg

We really got the full Chelski experience: wannabe City hardmen and Russians. The picture on the right below is one of the fans using half-time as an opportunity to read his Financial Times. Would love to see him try that at Upton Park! I could not resist taking a picture. The Russians were sitting in the row in front of us, between us and the exit (hence no photo).

c 008.jpg c 011.jpg

After the match, we walked back through Brompton Cemetery (it is purely coincidental that I am mentioning this right after talking about the Russians). This place is incredibly big, amazingly full, and most of the tombstones are pre-1900. Most of the time it is very quiet, but every two weeks or so, thousands of Chelsea fans stomp through on their way to Kensington. I bet they didn't count on that when they were buried.

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