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September 27, 2005

Boredom, cold weather and horses

So, what do these things have in common? Nothing, really except that they are all mentioned here.

I decided not to take the camera with me today, not that it mattered as I was in the office the whole time. The days are getting noticeably shorter, so there was not much of a chance to get any pictures after I left. I think work is starting to take its toll. I could barely drag myself back to the hotel afterwards, and I made it mostly because this is where my bed is.

You could really feel the chill today - I think it was 17-18 degrees, but with the wind chill it seemed much colder. I cannot believe that I was moaning about how hot it was earlier this month. I miss it now (except the humidity - I will never miss that).

Anyway, since nothing happened, I thought I would go through the 150 pictures I have taken since leaving Japan so you have something to look at. The theme of the day is apparently horses...the one on the left was taken in Villeneuve-sur-Lot at the market, while the other has mounted police keeping the peace at the Chelsea match.

a 099.jpg c 002.jpg

Posted by Kirk on September 27, 2005 04:43 AM