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September 29, 2005

An especially good pub

I had a dilemma today. I had arranged to meet a former client for a drink tonight but we had never agreed to the details. Having about a thimble-sized brain - and thus unable to remember anything, I found myself at a loss when he confirmed and said "name the place". I like to think I am pretty good at pubs, restaurants etc., but I thought I should pick someplace close to his office near St. Paul's and I rarely go over that way.

I decided that Bow Lane would be a good destination, but I had only been there once and could not remember the name of the pub. So, I went on to the Internet and found a great site that rated pubs. After 10 seconds, one of the listings jumped out at me, so I copied the link, dropped into the e-mail and wrote "this is the place".

I had never been there, so I had no idea what to expect. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be one of the coolest pubs I had been to in London. I would like to take credit, but the reality is it was a last minute punt (hit and hope, for you football fans) that paid off much better that I could ever hope for.

Anyway, the place is Williamson's Tavern and it is in a small alley just off Bow Lane. The location is great, it was crowded but not uncomfortable, the service was good, and the beer poured well. It helped that the guy I met is great company and I was truly sorry that I had to leave to meet another client. The ironic thing is we had talked about bad behavior like cancelling meetings at the last minute. Sure enough, when I checked my e-mail after leaving, my last meeting had indeed cancelled at the last minute.

Anyway, these are a few pictures. I took the one of the left as I was walking up to Bow Lane...you can see St Paul's Cathedral in the background. The picture on the right is the alley where the pub is located. What an awful picture...guess I will have to go back! Who's coming with?

d 006.jpg d 007.jpg

Posted by Kirk on September 29, 2005 05:43 AM


Happen to stumble upon your blog and read this article. Since I do a football podcast on the internet I figured I would point out that you meant to say "Last second Hail Mary!" instead of last minute punt.

Next time I am in London, I will certainly have to check this pub out.


Posted by: Steven Miranda at January 25, 2006 04:57 AM