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August 11, 2005


I was going through my mail recently when an advertising circular caught my attention. What I noticed was the logo in 96-type font: WOFF. I think every foreigner in Japan has seen so many variations of inexplicable English that you tend to filter it out automatically. So, I ignored it and moved on.

A few days later, I was given a scratch for some sort of lottery game. If you did not win, you could turn it over and fill in the back with your name and address and send it in for a second try. The title was WCHANCE.

Seems W is making a comeback in Japan.

Or is there more to it? I went back to the first advertisement and read further. Below the logo it had a description of WOFF in Japanese: "double-ru" OFF. You do not really pronounce the last bit. So, WOFF means "double off". Mystery solved! And it is time to start putting this into daily usage. I will think of a few phrases after I have my WLATTE.

Posted by Kirk on August 11, 2005 08:52 AM