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August 14, 2005

Nuala's excellent BBQ

Nuala had a barbecue on Saturday and it was great fun. It was also the (latest) introduction of her nieces (Clare and Anna) to Tokyo. They were surprisingly compatible with a bunch of almost middle-aged expats who think they are ten years younger.

13aug 002.jpg 13aug 004.jpg

Anyway, the whole barbecue thing was touch and go for awhile as a rare August thunderstorm was the first guest to arrive on time. It was 520pm and the sky opened up. We had a spectacularly cool thunder and lightning display - at one point, it seemed less than a kilometre away! - before clearing up.

I should have written this up on Sunday instead of poking around my apartment doing nothing, so I will stick to the highlights instead:

* Zombie punch...Nuala's nieces mixed a couple of batches of this up. The first try looked like green pea soup, but tasted great. The second try looked more like punch, but...well, it also tasted good, but I think I had lowered my punch-tasting standards by then.
* Laura's BBQ sauce...she was mixing this up at one point and I was doing my typical "stand in the kitchen and mock people while not doing anything myself routine". I could not get enough of it later. The secret ingredient is apparently Chipotle Tabasco.
* Yoko's lasagna...I have been waiting to try this for weeks, and wondered if I ever would. Yoko left the office early on Friday and I was giving her a hard time, especially when she said she might not go to the BBQ. I feel bad now. Yoko also dressed for the occasion in a very nice kimono (see the picture on the right below!). I think she was slightly overheated because she kept drinking a lot (ha ha - I am joking!)
* Richard's music selection...because Nuala's nieces are apparently crap at selecting music.
* Floor dancing...Clare and Anna would have us believe that dancing in a sitting position actually happens. Seems to me I had not drank enough to need to dance sitting down (that's the actual dance on the left)

13aug 031.jpg 13aug 014.jpg

Anyway, sometimes everything works together really well. There was good food, drink and nice people in ample measures. I had a great time.

Eventually, the rain came back (no thunder, unfortunately), which was our signal to move to the second party. So, most of us jumped into taxis and headed to Roppongi for part II of the evening. After a quick drink at Mogumbo's (not quite my scene), we popped next door to Castillo's. They must have known we were coming because they gave us the prime tables next to the fog machine and Coors beer vending machine.

Nuala thought this was a good opportunity to show everyone how I can spin around in circles until I pass out. As you can imagine that was exactly what I was hoping for.

The best part at Castillo was the 70s man...here is a picture of him chatting up one of the birds with us (on the left) and of Clare taking his props and showing us some of her funky Warrington dance moves. Someday when she is married with children, she will pay me lots of money to remove this from the Internet. Until then, please enjoy!
13aug 043.jpg 13aug 037.jpg

I know there was tons more that happened and worth writing about, but I was too lazy yesterday, and I am already late to work today. So, this will have to do.

Thanks for a great party Nuala!

For now, I have posted the pictures in the photo album under "Nuala's BBQ".

Posted by Kirk on August 14, 2005 02:18 PM


This blog is brilliant. We have a hangover, shock, but these pictures and comments have cheered us up. It is so funny, especially the floor dance and tom at the table with all that food. Hilarious. It was lovely to meet you and all Nualas friends. and if Richard is reading this, we have the best taste in music in the north-west!! And if bob is reading this bog off!!????

Posted by: Clare and Anna at August 16, 2005 11:17 PM

A hangover at 5pm? Are you sure its Nuala you are related to? sounds more like you are related to me. safe trip to hongkie town.

Posted by: kirk at August 17, 2005 12:44 AM