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August 14, 2005

Kamiyacho Festival

11aug 021.jpg 11aug 026.jpg
After work on Friday, I headed down to Kamiyacho for its annual Summer festival. This is not one of the big celebrations in Tokyo, but it does have some meaning because I used to work in the neighborhood. Suprisingly, in the five years our office was there, I never went. You could say I was making up for lost time.

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I met Mark, a friend who still works in Kamiyacho, and the staff of the local Dotour Coffee Shop (that is them on the left). 11aug 017.jpg It was good to see them again - I probably went for coffee three times a day when I worked there and there were always so friendly.

As for the festival, it was hot (of course), but there was plenty of cheap beer (¥300!) to help regulate the temperature. And for entertainment, there was a band, although that is using the term loosely. Their first song was A-ha's "Take on me" and it only took 30 seconds to realise that was what they were playing.

The festival finished at 830pm, but we stayed around for a few more drinks at one of the Kamiyacho locals, Brusselals, Brussels Bar. Just when we were thinking of moving on, there was a terrific downpour - and that kept us drinking for another hour. If I was smart, I would have went home then.

But, we had decided early on to go to a jazz bar in Roppongi, so that is what we did. Unfortunately, at midnight, the music was finished for the day. In fact, the bar was empty. The did have plenty of scotch and shochu, however, which seemed reason enough to hang out for awhile. The bar is Jazz House Alfie, near Azabu Police Station, and it is a cool place to go. I recommend you try it when there is music, but if you go later, at least try the Tantakatan shochu. And drink plenty of water so you do not have a hangover the next morning.

Check out some pictures in the photo album under "Nightlife".

Posted by Kirk on August 14, 2005 01:43 PM