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August 01, 2005

Jeremy and Mina have a party

I got my hanabi (fireworks) fix tonight. It was the annual Jingu fireworks show, so Jeremy and Mina had a small party. I went over there with Chihiro - it was good fun.

We had an almost perfect view from their awesome terrace, although someone had apparently built a new high-rise sometime in the last year that managed to obstruct some of the view. As a result, the fireworks that went off low were more of a glow on the horizon than anything else. Still, the show went on for almost an hour - so we had plenty to see. I tried to take some quality pictures, but I am not very good at that: do not let the shot below fool you - it was very impressive.

1aug 025 edited.JPG 1aug 040 edited.JPG

And there was plenty of good food and drink. You can see Jeremy on the right in his Indonesian kit showing off by the barbecue. We also had some fantastic curry and a few bottles of wine. I was amazed that they put all this together on a Monday.

1aug 043 edited.JPG 1aug 047 edited.JPG

Of course, that was just the beginning. After the fireworks, there was dancing (Jeremy and Calin) and story-time (Mina and Calin). She was still going strong when Chihiro and I left, which is a bit embarassing in a way. My first defense would be she could sleep all day, but let's face it - so could I. Out-partied by a one-year old...I hope no one finds out about that!

Jeremy/Mina - thanks for the party - I enjoyed it.

Posted by Kirk on August 1, 2005 11:02 PM