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August 16, 2005

Does he eat between contests?

Remember the Japanese guy who keeps winning the hot dog eating contests on the Fourth of July in the US? Well, he is back in the news, this time as a champion dumpling eater in Hong Kong.

He ate 83 dumplings to hold off his local amatuer challenger, despite this being his first dumpling contest. There was actually one more contest (pork buns), but I did not see if he had won that one too.

I wonder if he ever eats between contests. He only weighs 65kg, so there must be some type of weight management system. Anyway, I suppose if you have a talent for something you should exploit it.

UPDATE: he DID win the pork bun contest yesterday, good for a 280,000 yen prize. That is certainly better than a year's supply of hot dogs.

Posted by Kirk on August 16, 2005 08:59 AM