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August 16, 2005

Another earthquake!

Hey, this is starting to get a little old! There was another earthquake today. I was having lunch downstairs on the first floor (probably better than being at my desk on the 15F!) and the ground started rolling. It probably lasted about 20 seconds at most, but it seemed longer because all the hanging lamps continued to sway. And have you ever noticed that you feel like the ground is still shaking when it has stopped. Anyway, I would be happy if the quakes stopped for awhile.

It was a "4" on the shindo scale here, but the center was apparently in Miyagi near Sendai...that is pretty far away (300-400km) so they were probably shaking pretty good. It was strong enough to halt the elevators in our building temporarily and stop some train service (Yokosuka Line and the Shinkansen). There is a tsunami warning too, which is much scarier I think.

UPDATE: Bloomberg News reports the earthquake was a 7 on the richter scale and that there are numerous injuries in Sendai. NHK and Kyodo News are also reporting injuries, but there are no specifics as of yet. Here is an article from the Daily Mainichi with some pictures and initial comments.

Posted by Kirk on August 16, 2005 12:35 PM