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July 26, 2005

We are all Tokyo Verdy fans today

Apparently there is some risk in these "money-spinning" Asia tours by European clubs. Real Madrid learned this the hard way, losing 3-0 to Tokyo Verdy. Tokyo media superstar David Beckham was particularly incensed with Kazuyuki Toda, who he claims was spitting on him. Actually, both of them also accused the other of "kicking" too. Sounds like they almost started playing football.

The on-field hijinks spread to the locker rooms at half-time, when a few of the Real Madrid boys (Beckham, Ronaldo and Michel Salgado)tried to get into the Verdy locker room. They ended up "exchanging a few words".... if taken literally, it likely means all of them have twice the vocabulary they did pre-match.

Anyway, Beckham downplayed the incident later, saying it is "only handbags". That is the English way of saying it was not a real fight, alluding to girls swinging their purses at each other [insert your favourite Preyash comment here]. Then again, it could also mean Posh's influence has spread from Beck's media coverage to the pitch. Losing 3-0 to Tokyo Verdy seems to support that.

Posted by Kirk on July 26, 2005 09:49 AM