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July 15, 2005

The return of Matt

14july 005.jpg 14july 006.jpg
So...here we are, Thursday night. And it's another good night! Tonight was the return of Matt to Japan. He lived here for some god-awful amount of time (16 years?!), but went four years ago with his lovely wife to England. And now he is back..

We all met up at Hobgoblin Akasaka. I won't go into the details, mostly because I drank a lot! Anyway, on the left...Matt with Andy. On the right, Matt with Paul. Maybe tomorrow I will expand on this. For now...yikes, need some sleep.

UPDATE: was supposed to be a quick drink or two and turned into most of the evening! Anyway, I used to work with Matt and Paul when I first arrived in Japan. So, we spent a lot of time talking about where all of our former colleagues have gone, what they are doing etc. We also talked a bit about where to live after leaving Japan. Funnily enough, all those places have warm weather and beaches!

Posted by Kirk on July 15, 2005 12:07 AM