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July 23, 2005

Sayonara Preyash - Part 1

Last night, we took Preyash out for his farewell dinner. I think he has had four or five of these now, so that in itself is nothing special, but I did happen to be invited to this one (!) so it is worth mentioning. We had hoped to go to Grape Gumbo, but it was all booked up, so we reverted to Plan B, which was Cicada in Nishi Azabu.

22july 003.jpg
This is Preyash with two of his clients, Sean and Peter. Do you think he looks a bit nervous? I had already warned him that the camera would be out tonight, and if you remember from a previous post, I intended to get some memorable pictures of the evening! So, he had every reason to be! Leigh was also with us, but I could not get him to move over, so he will remain hidden from sight for now.

Anyway, the food is good (the portuguese style spicy chicken was fantastic) and the staff were careful to keep the wine flowing at a regular rate. The link above gives the place a lot of kudos, and I would generally agree. For some reason, however, they could not decide whether to give us more bread or not, so they would bring a basket, set it down and then take it away. If you can deal with that, you should go sometime.

Foolishly, I had thought this would be the entire evening and expected to have an early Friday. As you can imagine, I was sadly mistaken (like I usually am). After agreeing that one more drink would be a good idea, we headed over to Amyrta bar near Nishi Azabu crossing for a night cap.
22july 009.jpg
I am pretty sure that spelled the name of the bar wrong as I could not find an Internet site using that version. But I do have a good excuse in that the first three years I was in Tokyo I had known it as the "air con" bar, because of the big AC units lined up on the sidewalk next to it. In fact, it is famously hard to find as it is off the main street and down a small corridor and the only way we could find it is too look for those AC units: "is it down there?" "no, I can't see the aircon units" "better walk a little farther up the street then"

As you can see from the pictures, we had a good time. The bar was hopping when we arrived, but after twenty minutes or so they found us a table. In the sense I wanted to get home early, this was not a good thing, but it was certainly ut after twenty minutes or so they found us a table. In the sense I wanted to get home early, this was not a good thing, but it was certainly more comfortable. And the so-called "just one drink" turned into three or four (I was not really keeping track after awhile).

We nicked the stylish hat from one of the girls in the bar and handed it to Preyash, who immediately put it on. Pretty cool, don't you think? I certianly know what I am getting him for Christmas!. I probably would not have published this picture except he kept telling me, "hey, come on...it is only 12am" (or 1am...or 2am). So this is what you get for reminding me of the time.

22july 012.jpg 22july 014.jpg

To summarise the rest of the night: Preyash had a cigar (see his suave lighting technique above) and we talked for awhile with these girls at the table next to ours. From left to right is Mari, Nao, and Nori. Aren't they lovely? The crazy stalker man on the right is, of course, Preyash. They are from Chiba, which is pretty far away from central Tokyo, and were in town for a full night out (meaning all night as the trains stop at midnight and do not run again until 5am).

22july 017.jpg

Eventually, it was 3am and I saw this guy, who was looking like I felt. How he could sleep like that is beyond me. I felt terrible because I really should have stayed out later, but I was running on fumes. And Preyash reminded me that of all the time he was in Japan we had never had a big night out.

But I had mixed beer, wine and mojitos over the course of the night (not in the same glass, but you know what I mean) and I was feeling a bit giddy. So, we finished our drinks, said goodbye to the birds and headed off home. It was still dark when we left, which was a small sign that I had some self-control left...I was quite pleased to get home and asleep before the sun came up as I could still say I had an early night.

By the way, I called this Part 1, because I will see Preyash again tonight, this time at Grape Gumbo, one of the great Tokyo restaurants.

Here is a few more pictures to round out the evening...on the left is Leigh at Cicada. On the right is Sean with Mari and Yukiko.
22july 004.jpg 22july 010.jpg

Posted by Kirk on July 23, 2005 12:22 PM


Was a top night... mixing all those drinks was not a good idea... and the cigar was definitely not wise..Feel great now.. after the hangover from hell... roll on tonight..

Posted by: Preyash at July 23, 2005 01:50 PM