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July 20, 2005

One day down...

Yikes! 10pm and I am finally settled on the couch at home. You see, the long days I mentioned a few posts back have finally arrived. Actually 10pm is pretty good as I expected much worse and will get that over the next few days.

But enough about that. I have my book (The Yokota Officers Club by Sarah Bird), a glass of wine, and a CD playing. That should calm me down a bit. I was almost ambitious enough to whip up a small dinner for myself, but I opened the wine first. Oh well, I had a big lunch.

When I was in the office earlier, the building was making a big fuss -lots of creaking etc. A few minutes later, my earthquake watching buddy Nuala e-mailed to ask if I had felt the earthquake...and I hadn't. I knew if I stayed late enough there would be a good reason to be at work!

Posted by Kirk on July 20, 2005 10:10 PM