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July 06, 2005

Olympics decision today - not much else to write about

Today is a big day if you are a businessman or property developer in Moscow, New York, Madrid, Paris or London. The final decision on who will host the 2012 Summer Olympics is due to be made.

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The announcement is planned for 845pm Tokyo (1245 London).

This is the culmination of thousands of hours of preparation by the bid committees in various cities. For example, it would have been nearly impossible not to notice the "Back the bid" campaign in London for the last year.

What do I think about it? London or Paris would be nice, I guess. The reality is, I could not find anything else to write about this morning (thanks to the BBC, which had this cool picture, I was excited enough to write a few words)

Posted by Kirk on July 6, 2005 09:00 AM