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July 13, 2005

Going to the football...

One advantage of working for a German company is that you get BIG respect when its the Year of Germany in Japan. I know...I can sense you are jealous already.

Anyway, we were able to get some discounted tickets for the 30 July friendly between Jubilo Iwata and Bayern Munchen. Ok...it is a 7% discount, so maybe we are only talking about 'a little' respect, but that is still better than nothing.

I am not a supporter of either team, so I am not making a statement about anything. (Bring Yeovil out to Japan and you would see some real excitement!), but it should be good to watch live football, so I am looking forward to it. The match is at the national stadium, which is very (very!) close to where I live, making it convenient as well.

I was talking to one of the "actual" Gemans in the office today and he said he would not pay to go see a German team in a friendly because the quality was not very good. (It's a good point in a way...the reason these teams come out to Asia is to make money and the price of my ticket will help them over-pay Oliver Kahn for another year). Anyway, I agree with him, but wonder why he limited his assessment to friendlies?

A little extra on the Japanese challengers can be found in the entended entry...

This is a description of the 2005 Season Club Slogan for Jubilo Iwata. Now you see why I am going? I have an inner compass!

"Rashin - The path to glory" is Jubilo Iwata's club slogan for the 2005 season. This season is a time when national and international competitions are going ahead, and we are preparing to have our total strength as a club challenged. To succeed in such a fiercely competitive season, we need to set our priorities so that we know "what takes precedence over what," and accurately judge a situation that changes by the minute as the season goes by. "Rashin," or compass needle, refers to the direction that needs to be taken by our club. To make our value on playing "world-level football" a reality in situations where difficult and severe choices must be made, this slogan symbolizes the solidarity of the team, the staff, and the supporters as we decide what takes precedence. People affiliated with Jubilo Iwata each have an internal compass and show confidence and a strong will to succeed to go forward to the final stage.
Posted by Kirk on July 13, 2005 04:55 PM