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July 29, 2005

Finally a night out

28july 003 edited.JPG
After months (well, ok, a little more than a week) of working late, I finally had a night off last night. So, I met Richard for a few drinks. As tribute to the fantastic weather, we opted for an outside venue and went to Legends Sports Bar in Roppongi.

They actually have a very clever set up. Legends and Hobgoblin are in the same building and run by the same people. The British can go to the pub (Hobgoblin) and drink warm pints, play darts and watch the football. The Americans can go to the sports bar, drink light beer and watch basketball. Clever, right?

Actually, the football was on at Legend...more about that later. (Preyash - sorry for calling you to say I was watching it when you were working too much on your last night in Japan - it was a crap game anyway).

28july 004.jpg
Anyway, it was good to see Richard as we had not met up for awhile. In fact, I think the last time I saw him was his barbecue back in May, before my business trip. So, we had a lot to catch up on:
("you all right?" "yeah...you?" "yeah, good..." "...another round?")

We ran into a few people while we there, as you do. First up was Martin and Dave (you can see Martin in the picture on the right - and that is Richard on the far left). Dave used to know Richard's brother when he worked in London (small world!) Also, there was a small earthquake, which rattled the glasses a little. And that got us talking about the Hanshin earthquake back in 1995, as most of those guys had been in Japan at that time.

Later, we met Chisato and Lisa, the good looking girls trapped by Richard and Martin in the photo. Chisato (on the right) is an opera singer, but we could not get her to demonstrate. But, we are waiting for the CD! Lisa (on the left)is working to be a translator (thankfully, as my Japanese is awful). I am pretty sure her English is better than mine too.

Posted by Kirk on July 29, 2005 08:43 AM


It is quite embarrassing to see my picture on the internet! I also told this to Chisato! She said that it was nice ! So She seems to like it! Thanks Kirk
Chisato! She said that it was nice ! So She seems to like it! Thanks Kirk
PS If I write my name in Japanese way, it is "Risa".

Posted by: Lisa at August 1, 2005 10:29 AM