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July 19, 2005

Best Italian in Tokyo?

I was out for dinner at Elio's in Hanzomon tonight. It could possibly be the best Italian restaurant in Tokyo. Everytime I go there, I swear to myself that I should be eating there everyday.

I stayed with the basics tonight...penne alla'arrabiata for a starter and a nice sirloin with balsamic for the main course. We finished off with parmesan and a cappucino. I want to say the portions are just the right size, but I could have had two or three other things on the menu. It is just that good.

I thought there would be a nice picture on the website to stick into this entry, so I did not take my own. But there is not, so you get stuck with the boring text-only entry for now.

By the way, they also do a reasonable lunch menu and the fast service means you do not have to make excuses when you get back to the office late. Lunch or dinner...you need to get over there.

Posted by Kirk on July 19, 2005 11:46 PM