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June 23, 2005

London after work

s 001.jpg
I took this picture from the front of the pub we went to after work. We sat outside and looked across the river at the financial district, better known as the City.

The building on the left with the ugly concrete plug on the top is where I work when I am in London. I felt like I was far enough away.

It was almost perfect...good weather, sunshine and water nearby. But the service at the pub was awful. I have always liked this place, but I am tempted to give it a pass from now on. It is the Horniman at Hay's. Go somewhere else if you have a choice - I spent about 40 minutes in line tonight. Basically, the bar staff suck.

Still we minimised the damage by ordering two drinks each when we went to the counter. And I guess I would have drank too much if it was more efficient. Did I mention that the bar staff suck?

We finished the night in Covent Garden at 1100. That is a bad time to go home as all the bars close at the same time and it is impossible to find a cab. I walked back to my hotel (30 minutes). It seems there is a conspiracy against me!

Posted by Kirk on June 23, 2005 08:34 AM