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June 26, 2005

I am back...now what?

I am back in Tokyo...

When I stepped off the plane today, it was 30 degrees. I intended to take a picture of the sign that told me this, but my camera was more knackered then I was (battery died).

The downside to this: the weekend is already over. You lose a day traveling East so I left Saturday morning and arrived back Sunday at noon. I keep thinking it is Saturday and that I have another day to hang out. But that is not quite right. Damn'

The good news is that I made my own lunch, my own coffee, had a nap on the couch and did absoultely nothing beyond that. I really like being back home.

As for the weather, this is going to be a difficult week. But I did buy a bottle of rose today, which I plan to take out to the balcony as I begin the fight against jet lag. It is absolutely necessary that I get to sleep by midnight and (hopefully...please) get a full night of sleep. The sooner I get back on local time, the better. Alcohol does have its uses.

I have also been wondering what I am going to be writing about on the blog now that I am back. Let's face it - taking pictures and loading them up on the website with a few pithy comments was easy work. And there is no way I will be taking long walks around Tokyo with this humidity!

Posted by Kirk on June 26, 2005 07:52 PM