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June 12, 2005

Here I am again

It is Sunday afternoon and I am in my normal place, namely the BA lounge at Heathrow Airport. So far, so good as there has not been any notification that my flight will be delayed!

I am on my way to Dusseldorf, Germany. I should arrive around 6pm, which will give me some time to walk through the old town down to the Rhine river. That should be nice and may make this website a little more interesting for you as I have not had my camera out for a few days.

I think I had already mentioned where I will be this week, but I will go through it again just in case.

Monday - Dusseldorf, Frankfurt
Tuesday - Frankfurt, Zurich
Wed - Zurich, Amsterdam
Thurs - Amsterdam
Fri - Brussels

I will get back to London on Friday night and should spend the following week there, so once I get through this week, I should have an easier time.

This reminds me of an intersting theme. I fly a lot. And that means tons of air miles. That should be good if I want to take a holiday, right? But the last thing I want to do is go to the airport if I have some time off. So, the miles keep piling up.

And, no...you cannot have any.

Posted by Kirk on June 12, 2005 10:05 PM