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June 10, 2005

Copenhagen - very comfortable

What a day! We had six meetings in Stockholm, which was very tiring. We started with a breakfast meeting at 0730...that should be illegal! I was more concerned with drinking my coffee than saying anything intelligent. Fortunately, everyone else seemed to have the same idea.

We finished at 5pm and jumped on a flight to Copenhagen. Usually, that should not be too bad, but our flight was absolutely full and I sat in between two men who has some serious hygiene problems.

Arriving in Copenhagen makes it all worthwhile. This is such a cool place. Out hotel is fabulous and it is in a perfect location. There is a plaza in front of the hotel and one of the more laid back areas of town, Nyhavn, is on the other side.

We dropped off our bags and headed over there for a few drinks. Nyhavn (New Harbor) is a street next to a canal. On one side are restaurants and bars, with the required tables in front. The other side is the canal and a concrete kerb, which is just as busy with people that bring their own drinks and hang out. Basically, everyone is drinking.

There is a word in Danish, hygge, which loosely translates as comfortable or cozy. And that describes the street scene perfectly. It was a good way to wind down. Did you know that I studied Danish in college? That is about all I remember, unfortunately.

Tomorrow, we do not have to start until 9am. So, I can get a bit of extra sleep. Cool...

Posted by Kirk on June 10, 2005 05:52 AM