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May 16, 2005

Time for a drink!

It is 8pm and I am still in the office. That is horrible! But there is a silver lining: I will meet my friend and colleague Kaz for a drink after work. He is the one working late, which is why I a 30 minutes and not 10 minutes ago like I wanted.

He reads this website ao I can't gossip about him, but I am pretty sure he won't check this out before meeting me downstairs. So, I should be able to surprise him with my camera and take a few photos for the next entry.

Kaz is one of the people who keeps me humble. For example, he tells everyone that when he met me he thought I was gay (because I didn't immediately want to marry the women he suggested I date). And he calls me "baka-ku" instead of "ka-ku". In Japanese, 'baka' means 'stupid', so you can see this is not very flattering. The funny thing is he keeps doing it, even though I reply by calling him "baka-zu". Entertaining, right?

Anyway, I better go downstairs and get some suitably embarassing pictures to entertain you with.

Posted by Kirk on May 16, 2005 07:59 PM