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May 05, 2005

Spend your holiday at the dentist

Oops. I was all set to get out of Tokyo when I realised I had a dentist appointment. It is at 1030am, so I may still get away, but I am trying to remember the logic of scheduling a visit on a holiday. I should not be complaining - I am not going to get cavities filled or have a root canal. Instead, my dentist wants to see me to see how my orthodontic work is going.

Last year, I decided I would fix the gap between my two front teeth, and I finally had braces put in. The device is more like a retainer. It is clear plastic and not obvious at all, unless you point it out to people or take it and show them. The latter does not always go over well, by the way. You are supposed to always keep it in, except when you eat or drink.

Because of this, it is starting to rule my life. It is good for discipline. It has cut my between meals snacking down to zero and I brush my teeth at least three/four times a day and usually more.

I started in early April and I should be finished by December. I will be happy it is over and hopefully, I will keep up with the new good habits I am learning.

I can't waste any more holiday time with writing - I have a dentist appointment to keep!

Posted by Kirk on May 5, 2005 09:42 AM