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May 21, 2005

Not so sunny London

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lon 001.jpg

This is a picture of Oxford Circus. As you can see, the (briefly) sunny weather that we had yesterday when I arrived is no longer here. But that does not stop anyone from getting out for a bit of shopping on the weekend. Oxford Street on a Saturday is almost always insanely crowded and you tend to shuffle along rather than walk.

In fact, most people who live here recommend you avoid it all costs. I had my wallet stolen around here once, so I can agree with that. But my hotel is about 100 metres up the street, so I do not have much choice.

I took some other pictures and I will put it all on line later. Right now I am off to see my friends Leigh and Nicky. They used to live in Japan, but have moved to London within the last year. Leigh could be the one person I know who travels more than I do. In fact, he is off to Tokyo tomorrow (for some reason, he only goes there when I am here...)

Anyway, we are watching the FA Cup final and I expect I will have something to say about that later. It is Manchester United v Arsenal and it is a game loaded with significance as this is the only chance for either team to win a trophy this year. I would like to see them both lose, but I may have to give my reluctant support to MU for Preyash's sake (and if they lose, I am sure he will blame me for mentioning it here).

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