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May 05, 2005

An afternoon in Asakusa

I did get out after all. I went up to Asakusa for the afternoon. This is also part of shitamachi, which I wrote about earlier in the week, and is about a 30-minute subway ride from my home.

The temple here, Senso-ji, is very famous and people come from all over Japan to see it. And foreigners come because all the guidebooks say this is a must-see. And it really is. There are shopping streets all around the temple, which are good fun to browse through. There are more pictures in the photo album if you want to have a look (The album is Tokyo 5 May 2005).

After Asakusa, I took the Sumida River Cruise down to Hinode pier, which is relatively close to where I live. I did not take any pictures worth saving, however. But this is a good way to spend a hot day...and it only costs ¥660!

After today, I think I have reached my limit on taking pictures of Tokyo (at least for the time being!). I am pleased with the results and hope you are too.

And Terri (that's my sister)...no more rude comments in the photo gallery!

Posted by Kirk on May 5, 2005 07:57 PM


I know - I have held back because other people might see. Still think folks would enjoy the christmas pig picture. Anxious to to hear the monkey story because, really, maybe it should be pig.....How about the baby bathtub picture? Bet people would enjoy that as well.

Posted by: Terri at May 12, 2005 11:28 PM