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April 30, 2005

Sing sing sing...

I had to work yesterday...that is probably not a good way to start Golden Week. After I finished, I popped on over to the Hobgoblin for a pint (its on the way home in a roundabout way!). I was lucky enough to run into Tim, Howie and Tom, who were celebrating, uh, (what were you celebrating?).
Needless to say, a quick pint at 8pm turned into more than that. As we exited Shidax at 330am, I wondered why it is so difficult to have an early night in Tokyo. But I have learned a few things...
1) I still cannot sing
2) You need to pick songs that you know well, not that you like
3) A good song can burn up to 20 calories

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I have also become a Gold Card member at the Karaoke place, which gives you all sorts of special priveleges. When I find out what those are, I will make sure to pass that along.

My only regret is that I did not get a picture or two, especially as I had my camera with me. Oh well - next time.

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April 29, 2005


Please come back soon...I am still trying to think of something to write. The first time is always the most difficult!

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Testing links

Each morning, I check a few sites to see what is happening in the world. A little bit of news, sport, weather. One of the more interesting ones is Japundit. You should check it out!

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A test picture

This is from Takao-san. Chickens everywhere...

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